The Competition of the Game that is Life

Everything in the whole universe follows the game of life, and with a game comes competition. Everything follows the game or the competition. The planets play an eternal game of musical chairs that the sun will always win. The stars try to outshine each other; competing in another unwinnable game. The clouds in our sky are playing a race and chasing each other around the planet. Sometimes they play a disappearing act, other times they unleash their vicious tears to show their poor sportsmanship. Fish in the sea are involved in the game of chase with the sharks and bigger fish. Except the fish often times lose this game. Even the waves play the game of Twister as they fold into shapes and mold the coastal lands. Birds try to impress their mates with their colorful plumage. Humans play the game of money. Politicians play an entirely different game to compete for their agenda to be made law. Others play the game of the crook, thief, or liar. College students play a game involving a compass, and they never know if the needle is going to point true north or not. High school students play the game of popularity. Teenage girls play the social media game to get the most likes and most flattering comments. Teenage guys play a game with girls to see who can win the girl with the most Instagram likes. Kids play with actual games of monopoly and go fish. Some of us play the game of Sorry and knock others off the board, yell SORRY, but in reality have no guilt about wiping another off the board. The seniors in our societies are reflecting back at their own game of life, and they realize the game actually does exist. Without playing this game of competition, then we would not exist, because we live in an imperfect and broken world. All too easy is it for us to live looking through the microscope. We analyze every detail of whatever we decide to put on the slide, but we cannot look at ourselves. Maybe we should take a step back and look at the mirror, but that would be impossible. Because as humans we cannot see the flaws in ourselves because we cannot live with the truth about ourselves. Society tell us to love ourselves, but us humans go beyond that. We use the internet to post pictures that we classify as “cute and artsy,” but our intentions do not resemble the assumed mindset. We are a boastful species, and much like the attitude of a bird, we are very comfortable telling the world our opinions. There are others in this world who look at these people and see problems within themselves. These people hide and go unnoticed. They focus inwardly, often self consumed with their own thoughts. Because everyone plays a game, decide which game you want to play.



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